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As with all we provide the service of Vastu. We have our Vastu experts or advisor who helps you in all manner of vastu. Some have belief in vastu and they want their home should be decorated in that manner. Vastu is not a big thing it’s just a harmony with natural world. It suggests us to take fresh air, enough sunlight so that we can stay well and live a charm or healthy life. It also guides us to take care of plants for better environment or harvesting of rainwater and so on.

It lies in getting the positive energy and prevents from negative feelings.We have our online service also, where you can make query or can punch direct your question to our consultants, in revert they will answer your all queries related to vastu.

Vastu for Home

Some people consult with vastu expert while selecting the plot for their home or office. The selection of plot is primary stage, if you get a right plot it will turn your life into beautiful with positive atmosphere but wrong selection of plot can be rigid for you or make your life tough to spend.

Vastu for Bedroom

While putting interior or bed in your bedroom the direction should be south-west. The shape of your bedroom according to vastu shastra should be square or rectangular. And if the length of room is 20 food the breadth lies between 10 feet to 40 feet.

Vastu for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where food is cooked, if you have negative energy while cooking food it will affect your body or health issues can occur. According to vastu your direction of kitchen is an important part.

Vastu for Entry Gate

The entry gate should be opened in any open location of Swastik.

Vastu for Bathroom

Many people suffers problem choosing direction in oppose of vastu. Like they may suffer from health issues, financial issues etc. According to Vastu the best location of bathroom in your home is north-west or north-east is also fine for this.

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